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According to Variety ,  Patti LaBelle  and  Brandy Norwood  have signed on to Lee Daniels FOX musical drama. LaBelle will play Christine, the mother of Carlotta Brown (played by Queen Latifah), while Norwood will be Carlotta’s younger sister, Cassie.

Patti LaBelle pushes everything she sings over the top, from her early-Sixties hits with the Bluebelles through her politically minded Seventies records with her space-funk trio, LaBelle — including the French Quarter funk of "Lady Marmalade," from 1975 — to the past few decades' solo albums. She has inspired generations of soul singers — a pre-fame Luther Vandross was the first president of her fan club. Her love of the spotlight is legendary, but she earns it with her astonishing force and control; when LaBelle's voice simmers in its churchy low register, it's usually a sign that she's about to leap up and howl the roof off. "She makes lyrics come alive," says producer Kenny Gamble. "And after all these years of singing, she's hitting notes that some opera stars can't hit."

Well at least now I know your a Mom friendly producer & DJ, Mörk! She'll love you for this one... (Nice work, by the way - still hope to see you soon)

He died in 2005 at age 54. According to a family statement , he “never really recovered” from a stroke he suffered in 2003.

Labelle signed with the Warner Music imprint, Track Records, and released their self-titled debut album in 1971. The record's psychedelic soul sound and its blending ...

Wickham advised the group to move to London and change their entire image and sound, [2] much to the chagrin of Patti LaBelle, who feared the group would isolate their older fans with a new laid back "earthier" look. Wickham also advised them to change their name to simply "Labelle". Ditching the wigs and dresses, Labelle settled on Afros and jeans. They debuted this new look while backing The Who during a stop in New York. Following this, Labelle signed a contract with Track Records, The Who's label, which received distribution from Warner Bros. Records . In 1971, the group released their first album, simply titled Labelle , quickly following it up with the 1972 album, Moon Shadow . The albums featured the group bringing in gospel soul renditions of rock hits such as " Wild Horses " and " Won't Get Fooled Again ". While not being commercial success, the albums did become critically acclaimed, establishing the act as a progressive soul unit, while also recording daring material such as "Morning Much Better" and "Touch Me All Over".

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Patti LaBelle Music Is My Way Of LifePatti LaBelle Music Is My Way Of LifePatti LaBelle Music Is My Way Of LifePatti LaBelle Music Is My Way Of Life