In 2017, Tristan launched the Turing22 project which includes the extension and renovation of close to 5,000 m2 of next generation offices and coworking spaces in the La Pardieu Technological Zone in Clermont-Ferrand, integrating large lounge spaces with pool tables and table soccer tables, 3 large laid-out terraces, a 100-seat auditorium and a fitness center. Bivouac, the Clermont-Auvergne startups accelerator, which has recently been labelled Frenchtech, is already installed there. Christophe David CFO

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On the other hand, particularly in discussions of objectivity that have feet in both metaphysics and epistemology , philosophical discussions of "reality" often concern the ways in which reality is, or is not, in some way dependent upon (or, to use fashionable jargon , "constructed" out of) mental and cultural factors such as perceptions, beliefs, and other mental states, as well as cultural artifacts, such as religions and political movements , on up to the vague notion of a common cultural world view , or Weltanschauung .

Non-convective stratiform clouds appear in stable airmass conditions and, in general, have flat sheet-like structures that can form at any altitude in the troposphere. [11] Very low stratiform cloud results when advection fog is lifted above surface level during breezy conditions. The stratiform group is divided by altitude range into the genera cirrostratus (high-level), altostratus (mid-level), stratus (low-level), and nimbostratus (multi-level). [8]

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